Hier werden die Lösungen mit einem Jahr Verspätung angezeigt, d.h. Aufgaben der 4th CW 2012 (= 4. Kalenderwoche 2012) erscheinen ab 4. CW 2013.

Jahr 2012 / Jahr 2012
26th CW: Find the opposites. (Gegenteile)
1 without 2 in front of 3 htirsty 4 never
5 sold 6 hate 7 after
25th CW: What would you say or think in these situations?
1b 2e 3c 4a 5d
23rd CW: Unit 6: Vocabulary Find the right words:
1c 2e 3a 4b 5d
21st CW:
1d 2a 3e 4b 5c
19th CW: simple present OR present progressive? Choose the right form
1a 2c 3b 4c 5c
18th CW: Put in the right verbs in the simple past
1c 2a 3e 4b 5d
16th CW: Find the mistake in these sentences
1. I would like a ...
2. 2 pm
3. any butter
4. he is reading
5. police are looking
15th CW: Choose the right word... ... from this list:
1d 2a 3e 4b 5c
14th CW: Put in the "simple past" forms.
1c 2e 3a 4b 5d
13th CW: "Odd one out": Eins der Wörter passt nicht in die Reihe:
1. buy 2.worked 3.walked 4.phoned 5.play
12th CW: Find the opposites
1d 2a 3b 4e 5c
11th CW: (All the words are from UNIT 4) Put in one of these words.
1d 2a 3c 4e 5b
10th CW: (All the words are from UNIT 3) Put in the RIGHT form of these words
1 know 2 wants 3 reading 4 needn´t 5 meet
9th CW: Find the right word for these sentences.
1 c behind 2e after 3a ask 4b this 5d lots of
8th CW: Find the right word for these sentences.
1f 2g 3a 4c 5b 6d 7e
7th CW: Choose the right answer. UNIT 4
1b 2c 3b 4c 5c 6b 7a
6th CW: simple present or present progressive? (UNIT 4 starts here)
1b 2d 3b 4d 5c 6c 7b 8a